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Turning teen angst into tomorrow's trends. Buy t-shirts, tanks, trinkets and more.

Mortified Yearbook
Check out the websites of our alumni from all over the planet.

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The Mortified After School Orchestra
Check out the beloved houseband for our LA show.

Our Favorite Teen Writers, Artists & Ranters

A collection of irony-free rants and ramblings from today's troubled teens. Our pick? This touching Backstreet Boy-themed entry if only for its sign-off.

The Bad Poetry Index
Here, the art of bad writing does not apply to teens alone. (It just helps.)

I Hate High School
Impassioned rants about life's real problems-- like having to line up for a fire drill.

DaxFlame Vlog
We're not sure what to make of Dax other than the fact that we like him and want to hug him.

JayFres Vlog
Jay's videos are awesome to watch. Why? Because he is clearly having such a blast making every one. We envy Jay.

FranchiZewuzhere Vlog
Franchize was here. And there.


FOUND Magazine
An innovative 'zine that collects lots of found letters, notes and poems... whose authors are all unknown. Though the book version is cool, the live shows are best. Check it out if it tours your city.

This American Life
An incredible weekly radio show. For Mortified-esque episodes, download Cruelty of Children or Kid Logic. Of course, there's aso My Experimental Phase, which features Mortified in the last 10 minutes.

Fresh Yarn
Personal essays galore curated by the very talented (and nice) Hilary Carlip.

From Page to Stage
An LA-based workshop for aspiring monolgists.

I Used to Believe
A database of strange-but-true childhood beliefs.

Group Hug
Anonymous confessions of people's shameful pasts.

Remember those people who made you feel like crap years ago? They're here. Only balder.

Bar Mitzvah Disco
A tribute to the mighty mitzvah culture of the 70s and 80s.

Mortified Supports

Official Judy Blume Site
Are you there, God? It's me, Mortified. Check out this awesome post on Judy's blog.

Trapper Keeper Shrine
All hail the mighty Mead corporation, decorative keeper of thine inner thoughts.
A very cool (and free) e-zine offering great dirt on shows like Mortified. Sign up, dammit.

60 Channels
Moody, groovy beats made by equally groovy peeps.

Creacha Feacha
How to explain? Hm. Imagine Wu Tang as seen through the id of a sexually frustrated, fantasy film obsessed suburbanite Jewish kid. We highly recommend "Backwardz."

If we were still 15 and angsty... we would not listen to this band. Which is why we're very glad we're old. LA's best band.

Highly Flammable Toys
Quite possibly the best damn gift you could give someone. Ever. Honest.

Today: The Comic
Chad Diez is a talented illustrator. In addition to drawing popular online comics, he's doodled stuff for Mortified.

Ed Pingol Photography
Need pretty pictures? Sweet. Ed shoots them.

Abigail's X Rated Teen Diary
Ever wonder what a bearded man looks like when he poses as a teenage girl? Hot. That's what.

A project that merges standup with storytelling, Uncab is one of the founding voices of alternative comedy. Today, they teach workshops where you can develop your own storytelling show or project.