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  • "A cultural phenomenon!" (Newsweek)
  • "Unbearably intimate... completely funny!" (The Onion AV Club)
  • "Enlightening!" (Esquire)
  • "Captivating!" (Entertainment Weekly)
  • "Spreading the new gospel of awkward all over the land." (Daily Candy)
  • "Hilarious and humiliating." (Glamour)
  • "Excruciatingly funny!" (Marie Claire)
  • "These readings capture just how wrong-headed we can be back when we were teenagers." (This American Life)
  • "Some of the juiciest real life tragedies!" (TimeOut NY)
  • "Comic genius! (
  • "Funny and horrifying" (USA Today Pop Candy)
  • "Embarrassing, hilarious and just plain wrong!" (Bust Magazine)
  • "Riveting!" (Jane Magazine)
  • "Wildly entertaining!" (Instinct Magazine)
  • "A litany of mortifying moments!" (LA Times Magazine)
  • "Self-deprecation taken to a whole new level!" (New York Press)
  • "Go laugh at how marginally better your life is than theirs." (Gawker)
  • "Heartbreakingly hilarious tales of personal woe & social catastrophe!" (Flavorpill NY)
  • "Never laughed so hard!" (Los Angeles Confidential)
  • ACCOLADES: Official Selection Entertainment Weekly "Must List"; Official Selection This American Life 2006 Greatest Hits CD; Official Nominee TimeOut NY 2005 Best New Comedy Show ; Official Selection 2006 SF Theater Festival ; Official Selection Boston Globe Magazine 2006 Best of the New Awards

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Entertainment Weekly
December 2011

Boston Globe
December 2011

FishBowl LA
May 2010

The Washington Post
"Drama Tween"
November 2009

Brand X
November 2009

Heeb Magazine
Fall, 2009

NY Post
October 2009

USA Today Pop Candy
"Celebrities Get Mortified Too"
May 9, 2008

Radar Magazine
"On the Radar"
March 2008

"Getting Mortified: Because It Always Hurts The First Time"
January 2008

Boston Herald
"Mortified Showcases Angst in Their Pasts"
December 3, 2007

Willamette Week
"Talentless Show: Portlanders Share Their Most Embarrassing Writings--& Love It"
November 14, 2007

Washington Times
"Older Wiser Feeling Mortified"
November 2, 2007

Washington Post
"Oh, the Shame" & "Public Humiliation: See It, Do It"
Oct 28, 2007

Swindle Magazine
Fall 2007
"Getting Mortified"
July 2007

Warning Magazine
Spring 2007

Venus Magazine
Spring 2007

Marie Claire
March 2007

BUST Magazine
March 2007

Daily Local (Philly)
"Tales Of Mortified Teens And Modern Love"
February 19, 2007

SF Chronicle
February 16, 2007

SF Examiner
"True Tales of Teen Angst Light the Stage in Mortified"
February 14, 2007

Associated Press
February 2007

TimeOut NY
"Why You're SIngle"
February 8, 2005

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"Confessional Culture Draws Crowd"
Jan 31, 2007

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"Beautiful Losers"
January 18, 2007

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January 2007

Vol. 4 - Q1 2007

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December 2006

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Starred Review
December 12, 2006

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"Book Picks"
December 12, 2006

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December 11, 2006

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December 8, 2006
"LAist Loves Mortified the Book"
December 8, 2006
December 7, 2006

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December 6, 2006

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December 2, 2006 PopWatch Blog
"Weekend To-Dos"
December 1, 2006

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December 1, 2006

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November 29, 2006

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November 24, 2006
November 23, 2006
November 22, 2006

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November 10, 2006

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(American Airlines Inflight)
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note: enjoy translating it

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December 2004

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OPB Speakeasy
Oregon Public Radio
Dec 2010

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November 2010

Callie Crossley Show
August 2010

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December 2009

The Guest DJ Project
October 2008

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Sept 2008

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March 2008
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The Bryant Park Project
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February 14 2008

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November 7, 2007

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February 16, 2007

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Syndicated (GreenStone)
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Los Angeles
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December 5, 2006

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NPR/WBEZ Chicago Public Radio
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BBC Radio
September, 2006

This American Life
Episode: Parental Guidance, Will Seymour
May 19, 2006
note: we're at 36 minutes in

March 2006

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December 2005

FM4: Reality Check
Vienna, Austria
January 2006

This American Life
Episode: My Experimental Phase, Sascha Rothchild
June 24, 2004
note: we're in the last 10 minutes

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KALX San Francisco
note: we're in the last 5 minutes

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May 2010

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December 2009

NBC's Last Call
September 2008

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April 2008

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CNN/Headline News
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Revision 3
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Episode: Caught In the Act

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Episode: Growth Spurt
April 2007

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April 2006

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San Francisco
June 2006


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Here’s a sampling of some of the insanely kind and unsolicited praise that fans have posted online.
  • "You should see it, because it is a long list of positive adjectives." (Portiblelog – Malibu)
  • "This is beautiful... in a dead bird kinda way." (MySpace Blog – Austin)
  • "I just heard about Mortified. It's hilarious and makes you confront the horrible realization that you can't believe how lame you were... and then the eventual thought hits you: how lame am I now?" (ChickLit Forums - London)
  • "I laughed so hard I nearly drove off the road when I heard this on NPR. Regretfully, I didn't keep a high school diary." (Bored Athenians - Athens)
  • "This is just a gift from me to you." (Naked House - Philadelphia)
  • "Ever since hearing the segment on it on This American Life this weekend, I've been fascinated by this website." (BlueAcademia – Somewhere Down South)
  • "Amazingly fun." (BB Boys & BB Girls - LA)
  • "This is cool! It's a show where people go on stage and read their high school diaries, and you can post your own on the site!” (Mystic Wicks Pagans - Tulsa)
  • "I wrote a poem about hearts on sleeves, once. It wasn't quite bad enough to get into Mortified. For that I think I'd use the poem I wrote about comparing dead roses hung upside down on a wall to cow-parts hanging in a butcher shop." (Bliss Through Biology - Chicago)
  • "I'm locking all my diaries and poems away for four years so when I'm 21, I can audition for Mortified." (DeviantArt - Chicago)