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We operate ongoing "chapters" in... Austin, Boston, Chicago, DC, LA, NYC, Portland, San Fran & Sweden!

Dust off that diary! Whip out that Trapper Keeper!
Mortified Live is always seeking new particpants to appear in our grassroots stage shows. Share your most embarrassing adolescent artifacts (old journals, letters, poems, lyrics, art, home movies, plays) in an event that is part storytelling, part show-and-tell. Mortified is curated. To participate, simply request a "screening session" (aka: shoebox session) and we'll help with the rest. Hailed a "cultural phenomenon" by Newsweek and celebrated by This American Life, The Today Show, Entertainment Weekly and more. Open to anyone 21+.


  1. UNEARTH. You dig up some embarrassing childhood artifacts (old letters, lyrics, journals, cassettes, artwork, plays, etc)
  2. CONTACT. You request a producer's session on our site's "participate" section
  3. EXCERPT. We meet up and help you find excerpts to share on stage
  4. FRAME. Once we find enough excerpts, we help you frame them with a context that reveals a personal story
  5. SHARE. You share the results on stage
  6. IMPACT. Someone in the audience returns home, inspired to unearth their own childhood artifacts

Read our Participation FAQ for details on our unique curating process.