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The Mortified After School Orchestra

The Mortified After School Orchestra

AKA: Le Dorkestra

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TMASO rehearsing during preshow  

The Mortified After School Orchestra is the houseband for Mortified Live's flagship show in Los Angeles. Providing the soundtrack to generations past during Mortified Live, TMASO covers everything from Sinatra to Siouxie Sioux to Smashing Pumpkins, all filtered through an array of junior high instruments-- tubas, cellos, accordions, recorders, and more. Extending beyond Mortified events, the band also plays birthday parties, weddings, clubs, holiday parties and anyplace where rockin' out on a tuba is considered sexy. You should totally book them. Download their debut single on iTunes or CDbaby.

The band's eclectic lineup ranges from film composers... to rockstars... to nonprofit execs... to teachers... to real estate salesmen... to doctors. Band leaders: Adam Smith and Gordon Bash. Rotating lineup includes: Jamie Adams (Trumpet), Renee Albert (Accordion), Mark Beltzman (Tuba), Dan Berkowitz (Trombone), Alex Burke (Vibraphone), Nicholas Forbes (Violin), Andrew Glazier (Cello), Kirsten Gronfield (vocals, trombone), Zoe Jarman (Violin), Anne Jensen (Vocals), Jordan Katz (Fake Trombone!), Toby Karlin (Sax), Steve Kefalas (Drums), Bryan King, Katriona McNabb, Rich Ramberg (Bassoon), Allison Sawyer (French Horn), Jamey Schrick (Trumpet, Vocals), Nikki Shorts (Violin, Vocals), Matthew Steer (Drums). To name a few.

In 2010, our show's Austin chapter formed a southwest edition of The Mortified After School Orchestra to accompany certain live events.

In San Francisco & Berkeley, our stage show is frequently accompanied by the music of The Freeze and Live Evil.

In Chicago, The Blue Ribbon Glee Club accompanies some of our events.