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Mortified in the Classroom

Are you an educator? A parent? A grad student? A child psychologist?

If so, you might be “um like totally” surprised to know that Mortified is frequently approached by a variety of youth-oriented institutions (psychology classes, youth groups, high schools, marketing firms) seeking to either understand, educate or empower teenagers. While we're certainly intended as an entertainment project for adults, it's been amazing hearing from people over the years who've found educational value in what we're doing, specifically as it relates to kids. This notion is especially awesome since once upon a time, these same studious people were busy giving some of us detention.

So what happens when people contact us? It all depends. Sometimes this entails Mortified contributors or producers being requested to speak at such places-- reading their own childhood writings, discussing others, sharing observations about how kids think, etc. The result? Somehow, without our orchestrating, we were suddenly being billed by various educators as sort of like a weird, warped version of Scared Straight. While we think that's hilarious, we moreover think it's great!

By using aspects of Mortified, the aim is to empower students by providing darkly humorous evidence that everyone—even the hot cheerleader who called you a fat pimply loser—deals with the same amount of insecurities and neuroses. And moreover that despite all the drama we face in life (big or small), we do survive. We think that's important. Maybe you do too.

That said, since we don't have tons of lunch money to spare, it's rare that we're able to travel beyond our core cities. However, with the Mortified book, there is now a much simpler way for people anywhere anytime to utilize our unique brand of entertainment—ripped from the pages of real life—for educational purposes. Well, assuming they don't think this is a load of pretentious crap. Which it might be. Jury's still out, people. See? Still insecure.

Included in this section are a few educational applications co-developed by Jessica Bogli, a super smart adolescent health educator in Oregon, for using the book, Mortified: Real Words Real People Real Pathetic, in the classroom, the counseling center, the agency, the youth group, or beyond. These applications were developed to provide unique educational insights for everyone from English teachers to guidance counselors to child psychology students.

*NOTE: Please keep mind, since our project is designed to present an "unflinching" first-person account of youth, some material is considerably intense or racy (addressing sexuality, spirituality, health, ethnicity) and not appropriate for all audiences. Use your professional judgment. We strongly suggest seeking approval from administrators on a chapter-by-chapter basis before integrating this in an educational setting aimed at youth. Even though it was written by people under the age of nineteen, you may not find it suitable for them to read in entirety or part.

TALK TO US: Hey teachers! Have you had success using this in class? Want to tell others? Feel free to email us a testimonial and we'd love to post your quotes.