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Many -- though not all -- of the videos posted here first appeared as part of our short-lived web video series, The Mortified Shoebox Show. It was a super fun project to do, produced with meager resources, and maybe one day we'll get do something like it again. In the meantime, in case you are curious who made it, here's a few of the people responsible.


Safety Patrol Captains: Neil Katcher & David Nadelberg. Director: Neil Katcher. Co-Producer: Anne Jensen. Cameras: GJ Echternkamp & Leonard Hyman. Title Sequence Design: Erika Brooks Adickman Themesong: Adam Smith & Gordon Bash w/ The Mortified After School Orchestra. Location: King King. "The Mysteries of Making Out" Leonard Hyman (reader). "Stairway to Winnipeg" Johanna Stein (reader) , Renee Albert (accordion). "Melissa's Page of Rage" Melissa W (reader) , Andrew Covell (animation). "Everyone's a Critic" Will Seymour (reader). "Bookworm Gets Booty" Sara Finnerty (reader). "500 Miles to Hollywod" Jason Smith (reader), Elijah Wood (Hobart Drizzle), Busy Phillips (JJ Logan), James Denton (Crew Chief), Kevin McDonald (Emil Spotto), Curtis Armstrong (Narrator). "The End Zone" Mike Narducci (reader), Erika Brooks Adickman (art direction), Alison Flierl (art direction), Pete DAlessandro (lighting), Adam Smith & Gordon Bash (end music). "Shoebox Sessions w/ Felicia Day" Felicia Day (guest). "I Hate Drake" Will Nolan (reader). Bill Barminski with Chris Louie of Walter Robot (animation). Additional credits found at end of each video.