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Title: Undeveloped

Format: Story
Submitted by: CLM
Rating: Okay, Now You're Starting to Scare Me

I was in the 10th grade and I honestly never had a real boyfriend.

Why is this mortifying?
Think of the scene in never been kissed where her prom date thows eggs at her, same thing but without the eggs or prom.

Mortifying Text
So there was this one guy, he even had one of the cool names, TREY. Anyway, I had the biggest crush on him. I was so skinny and ugly at that time, braces and all. His girlfriend was very lets say "developed" for our age while I was like a pancake. So my best friend told him that I had a crush on him and I was so mad about it. Well you know how "going together" lasts in high school so it was about 2 days and Trey and his "developed" girl friend broke up. So I heard this and was so excited. We had two classes together and low and behold after the second class, he asked me if I would like to meet him at the movies that weekend. Of course I was like sure you know all cool and inside I was dying. That whole week he walked with me to class and held my books and hand and called me at home, the whole nine yards. So my parents were very strict and I could only go out with people they knew or people that went to church with me. Thank god they trusted my best friends folks and so off to the movies we went and soon after their arrived Trey. Oddly enough not long after he arrived, so did his "developed" ex-girlfriend. So he grabs my hand and we are heading oddly into the same theatre as his ex. So we sit down about two rows in front of her and he leans over to kiss me and of course I kiss him back. I am in heaven, finally it has happened. So I need to go to the bathroom and my best friend goes with me. Upon our return, oddly again, Trey is missing. So I think, maybe he went to the bathroom too. So 30 min later I start to wonder. I look behind me and again very odd that miss developed is missing too. So my best friend and I decide to walk outside and there we find Trey and miss development in lip lock from hell! My world crumbled in all of 45 minutes. So I left the movies crying and my best friend called her mom to come get us. So on that next Monday, I got up enough nerve to ask him what the hell and he was like, I am sorry and all that crap. Then he proceeds to tell me that he "broke up" with me, like we were going together, because he liked older girls. His ex, now on again girlfriend was in the same grade but had probably failed and was older. I asked him how he could do that to me and he says well I needed to try out other options and besides I like chicks with bigger boobs.....I say him many years later and he works in a barber shop and I am now without braces and have nice size boobs. His mouth dropped when he saw me and I heard later that his girlfriend turned out to be a lesibian. Ha Ha!

Reader Comments

Rated: Okay, Now You're Starting to Scare Me
OMG! What super drama was that?? My boring angst filled days never had that much excitement!

Rated: Seek Therapy
By: sxysara
Definitely a look at me now Jenny Jones episode

Rated: Sorta Mortifying

Rated: Seek Therapy

Rated: Sorta Mortifying
By: brat
Mortifying only in the sense that a 10th grader should be writing better sentences than this. I like "lesibian," though -- I say it la-ZIB-ee-un.

Rated: Sorta Mortifying
By: Mikey
You may have been lame, but he was downright limbless (and spineless)

Rated: Sorta Mortifying
By: flipnoy73
Whaat!? Trey broke up with you BEFORE you had sex!!!!??? Well, you've had your revenge. Be happy. Be at peace. By the way, stop by the barber shop and ask Trey if he likes cutting hair for men with bigger boobs.

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